Daytona Milton Keynes offers a range of karts including Birel-ART N35 ST karts and the legendary DMAX High performance karts.

N35 ST

  • Birel N35 Race Chassis (Italy)
  • Honda GX270 OHV 4-stroke engine
  • 5600 rpm
  • Top speed 50mph
  • 8.5bhp

DMAX 125cc Two-Stroke

  • Custom-Built Birel N35 Race Chassis
  • Rotax Max 125cc EVO Engine
  • Top Speed in excess of 70mph
  • Electric Starter
  • Centrifugal Clutch
  • 22.5 BHP
  • Torque 21nm
  • Peak Revs 13000rpm

Biz Junior 200cc

  • Biz Junior Pro Chassis
  • Engine Honda GX200 QHQ4 (Derestricted)
  • Top speed 35mph
  • Power 6.5hp
  • Torque 13nm
  • Weight 15.5kg
  • Peak Revs 5700rpm

Biz Cadet 160cc

  • Biz Cadet Pro Chassis
  • Engine Honda GX160 QHQ4 (Derestricted)
  • Top Speed 30mph
  • Power 4.0hp
  • Torque 7.4 Nm
  • Weight 13kg
  • Peak Revs 5600rpm

Lap Timing

After each race experience, drivers receive a personal lap time email with graphical performance display. The data highlights your position at the end of the race, lap times for each lap completed and your fastest lap, down to 1/1000th of a second!

For a comparison of performance, the data of the fastest driver is also included along with the lap records.