Location: Tamworth, near Birmingham

Karts Used: N35-ST (4-Stroke)

Circuit: Grand Prix Circuit (1,000m)

Ages: 14+

Availability: Selected Weekdays



Coming soon to Daytona Tamworth – Level One Tuition combines single and twin seater tuition.



Features: Focus on single seater tuition with advanced driving techniques.

Price: £299 per driver (N35-ST Kart)

Format: You will arrive at the venue and be greeted by your Instructor who will talk to you to understand what you are looking to achieve from the day. After a safety briefing you will then be out on track so we can benchmark your current performance.  Your Instructor will then talk to you about a variety of advanced kart functions including throttle feathering, weight transfer, advanced cornering and consistent lapping. They will also give practical and visual demonstrations to help you understand how a go kart works.

The tuition culminates with another benchmarking session and performance improvement review followed by a driver debrief and recommended next steps based on your individual performance.

Event Duration: Approximately 2-hours at the circuit.


Call 033 033 27870 to Book


Please note: In addition to Tuition in the N35-ST Karts, we also offer DMAX-GT Tuition for £399 per driver. DMA-GT karts are high-performance 125cc Two-stroke karts reserved only for experienced drivers aged 16 and above . Drivers that are new to Daytona Milton Keynes should start with our N35-ST karts to gain experience of the circuit before graduating to the DMAX-GT karts when they have suitable experience to do so.