Junior Sprint Race – Tamworth

Please note: Drivers aged 12 and 13 MUST have a comprehensive racing history with Daytona and have completed a Junior SODI RT8 Assessment to to kart in a Junior Sprint Race. Call 033 033 27870 for more information and to book this.

Location: Tamworth (Near Birmingham) (Get Directions)

Karts Used:

We use two different types of karts (Cadet and Junior) for our junior practice sessions. We do this to ensure your child has the right size kart for their height and age.

  • Junior (Ages 12-15): SODI RT8 Karts (4-Stroke)

Circuit: Grand Prix (1000m)

Ages: 12-15 (Looking for karting for ages 6-7? Click here)

Event Name: Junior Sprint Race

Booking Code: Junior Sprint Race

Format: 10 Minute Practice/Qualifying, 20 Minute Race

Availability: Weekends & Selected Weekdays



Level up with our Junior Sprint Race. A 20 minute Sprint Race on the GP Circuit, with a 10 minute practice/qualifying, for individual drivers. Step into one of our fleet of karts, and battle with others out on the 1000m GP Circuit, this is perfect for those looking to advance their driving.

In order to take part, you must have had a tuition on the GP circuit, taken part in race school, or be an InKart member. To book these, or for more information please call 033 033 27870

We provide safety equipment, a comprehensive safety briefing and all laps are timed with results emailed to drivers (that opt in) at the end of the session.


All children must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult at all times.