Daytona Tamworth offers fleets of professionally-maintained Honda and Rotax powered racing karts suitable for all age levels and easily capable of accommodating the biggest exclusive events.


  • Sodi RT8 Chassis
  • Honda GX 390cc Four Stroke Engine
  • Top Speed 50mph
  • Power: 12 BHP
  • Torque: 27.4nm
  • Peak Revs: 5700rpm

DMAX-GT 125cc Two-Stroke

  • Sodi GT Max Chassis
  • Rotax Max 125cc EVO Engine
  • Top Speed in excess of 70mph
  • Power: 22.5 BHP
  • Torque: 27nm
  • Max revs: 13000rpm

Biz Junior 200cc

  • Biz Junior Pro Chassis
  • Engine Honda GX200 QHQ4 (Derestricted)
  • Top speed 35mph
  • Power 6.5hp
  • Torque 13nm
  • Weight 15.5kg
  • Peak Revs 5700rpm

Biz Cadet 160cc

  • Biz Cadet Pro Chassis
  • Engine Honda GX160 QHQ4 (Derestricted)
  • Top Speed 30mph
  • Power 4.0hp
  • Torque 7.4 Nm
  • Weight 13kg
  • Peak Revs 5600rpm

Lap Time Print-Outs

After your race experience, you receive a personal lap time print-out with graphical performance display. The printout highlights your position at the end of the race, lap times for each lap completed and your fastest lap.

For a comparison of performance, the printout also advises which driver completed the fastest lap time during the session.