Practice sessions are ideal for beginners to try kart racing and for serious competitors to hone their skills.

web tam grid sodi squareArrive&Drive practice sessions give drivers the opportunity to try different lines and braking points in order to become quicker. We provide all safety equipment, a comprehensive driver briefing. All laps are timed and printouts are provided to drivers at the end of the session. Daytona Tamworth offers Arrive&Drive practice sessions on the GP Circuit for drivers aged 14+ in our SODI RT8 Karts and aged 16+ in our DMAX-GT karts. Drivers aged 16 and above may upgrade to our amazing DMAX-GT Two Stroke Karts if they have experience driving more powerful karts. We will also consider allowing very experienced drivers aged 14 or 15 to drive in our DMAX-GT karts subject to proof of such experience and approval being gained in advance.


Arrive&Drive availability is updated constantly and all available session are listed on our online booking pages at discounted prices.

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