The Daytona Tamworth Championships

Championships at Tamworth for 2023

Daytona Tamworth provides amateur Championship go-kart racing for adults and junior enthusiast drivers who would like to test their skills against the best drivers at the circuit.

These club championships truly provide a level playing field to competitors to test their skill against the very best local go-kart talent.

The following Championship events are currently running at Daytona Tamworth:


Junior Championship

The first step in a youngster’s competitive racing career. Daytona’s InKart leagues are a platform to hone racing skills and techniques.  Drivers must have been assessed via Race School or Junior Tuition to take part in InKart.

Cadet karts: 8-11 years
Junior karts: 12-15 years

Jamie Chadwick Series

Female Only Championship

An exclusive eight-round female-only championship taking place across all three Daytona circuits, endorsed by Indy NXT driver Jamie Chadwick.

SODI/ N-35 karts: 14+ years
DMAX karts: 16+ years

Thursday Night League

Adult Championship

The perfect gateway into adult competitive go-kart racing. Rookie drivers battle it out for glory over a casual series of midweek races.

N35-ST karts: 14+ years
DMAX karts: 16+ years


Adult Championship

SuperChamps is Daytona’s elite racing series, showcasing the best of the best. This top-tier championship is designed for the ultimate racing experience.

N35-ST karts: 14+ years
DMAX karts: 16+ years